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Guiding your

cultural change

Your challenges

If you recognize one or several of your actual challenges bellow, we can definitely help you...

We know culture is important, but we don't know how to address it

We are an international company but our teams need to develop a global mindset to face our challenges

How can we create a good team spirit in a multicultural environment, while working mainly remotely?

« Think global, Act local » ; Great, but concretely what does it mean, where are the pitfalls and levers? »

We have merged, how do we make sure we leverage the added value?

How do we get people involved when acceptance of change varies across cultures?

Our corporate values or/and our leadership guidelines are misinterpreted, how can we converge?

We are organized in a matrix, that doesn’t seem to work everywhere.

We would like to raise awareness of our culture, and make sure that the way of doing things supports our goals.

How to optimize expats' on-boarding abroad
for managerial, commercial and/or strategic matters?

Our team is multicultural, how can we improve our communication and collective effectiveness by promoting our cultural differences.


    Our expertises

    to help you succeed in your challenges in a global world

    We align

    culture & strategy

    We offer a structured and strategic approach to measure, understand and shape your organizational culture. Through a well-oiled and effective methodology, we help you turn your culture into your most important strategic advantage to achieve your vision.

    We develop

    a global mindset

    We offer executive training in the field of culture and management by combining rigorous academic research with hands-on experience.  Beyond awareness we develop intercultural competence to overcome obstacles and find solutions regardless of your cultural framework.

    We optimize

    acceptance of change

    Relationship to change is very different from one culture to another. Promoting acceptance of change means considering challenges, fears or needs that each culture has to cope with.
    By asking the right questions, we understand why “agile methods” cannot be effective in all cultures.

    « Make sure your culture

    works for you,

    not against you »

    About us

    +20 years of experience

    +50 active clients

    from start-up to international corporations

    +200 executive keynotes

    and lectures around the world

    +70% of our clients

    have been loyal over 10 years

    +30 000 peoples

    trained or coached over the last 20 years

    +15 nationalities

    in our core network of globally-minded and accomplished consultants
    Some of

    our clients

    « I especially appreciated the tailor-made approach. It is not a copy-pasted one found everywhere and it is a real partnership »

    Majda VINCENT – HR VP Europe - Groupe SODEXO

    « They are real experts, they know their topic perfectly and know how to transmit their knowledge during rich and focused learning experiences »

    Patrick BENAMMAR – Learning and Development VP – Groupe RENAULT

    « All of us appreciated the professional approach, the rigor and the capacity of adaptation of Valérie and her colleagues. They were able to bring about a beneficial change at all levels of the company »

    Olivier GONDRY – DRH France – IKEA

    « The lectures and seminars provided by Change and Culture are some of the best ones our managers ever participated in. We have concrete answers to our concerns »

    Lucie MOURIER – HR Director – Good Year Tire & Rubber Company

      Why us?


      We all share the passion for culture and the belief in the power of cultural intelligence to help people and organizations grow.


      All our consultants are internationally certified by the Hofstede Institute, a global authority in intercultural management and organizational culture.


      All our experts bring over 20 years of international experience across culture, leadership, strategy and communication.

      Make an impact

      that matters

      Our core Network

      Is composed of senior expert practioners who can intervene on the 5 continents.

      Valérie Servant


      Diego Gilardoni


      Ina Baum


      Michael Siller


      Valeria Brondo


      Mike van der Vijver


        Network's publications

        The Commitment Principle

        How successful leaders increase the loyalty, commitment and enthusiasm of their teams
        Michael Siller

        Negociate like a local

        culture-driven negotiation
        Jean-Pierre Coene (co-author)

        Decoding China

        Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese
        Diego Gilardoni

        Meetings, by default or by design

        Mike van der Vijver (co-author)


        Agir, incarner, transmettre
        Valérie Servant (co-author)